Promotion of football players in Spain

"Preferente" program to start professional career in Spain

A unique offer to promote players over the age of 19 through the Palencia CF Academy to professional clubs

Super Nova C.F. together with the Palencia Football Academy offers a unique promotion program to professional clubs for players aged 19-22.

For players under this program, we choose a club that plays in the Spanish championship in Primera Territorial División or Primera División Provincial, where the player begins his career in official Spanish competition. We take care of all the necessary documentation and obtaining a player’s license, which entitles you to play in official Spanish competitions. Comfortable accommodation and meals are provided in the residence of the PALENCIA INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY.  The football player holds morning sessions with the Academy team and trains with his new club in the evening. We accompany and track the player’s progress in the club and help him in further promotion. In the future, we assist in the signing of a professional contract, depending on progress. In the first year of your stay, you study Spanish daily with a teacher at the Academy. In the second year, there is an opportunity to take coaching courses and obtain a standard state license as a coach of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

The program includes obtaining a Spanish residence permit, a player’s license, accommodation, meals, daily Spanish lessons, daily training, selection of an adult team, training and playing for a team from Primera Territorial División or Primera División Provincial. It is also possible to study at the coach school with a license.

The “Preferente” program includes:
  • Daily training according to the Academy schedule
  • Training in the football club according to the club schedule
  • Playing for a team in Primera Territorial División or Primera División Provincial
  • Recreational activities at the Palencia CF International Academy
  • Access to the Palencia CF Academy fitness room
  • Test and official football games
  • Accommodation in the International Academy boarding school
  • 3 meals a day in the International Academy boarding school
  • Wi-Fi throughout the Academy boarding school
  • The Academy residence is heated in winter
  • Coaching courses with a license
  • Learning Spanish with teachers in a boarding school
  • Obtaining a residence permit for studies
  • Obtaining a player’s license in Spain
  • Health insurance with maximum coverage
  • Branded club kit
Anatoly Beznosenko - Villamuriel СF team player under the "Preferente" program

The enrollment procedure for the "Preferente" program

Enrollment for the Preferente program is possible without prior trials, straight for the whole year until the end of the season or for a 6-month program, details can be clarified upon request by e-mail.

The cost of the trial (optional) – 850 euros. The price includes accommodation and meals for the player during the trial. The player can use the club rehabilitation center and fitness room to recover.

The cost of the “Preferente” program is 18,000 euros for a full season or 10,800 euros for 6 months. The price includes accommodation, education, training and promotion. The minimum stay under the “Preferente” program is 6 months. It can be paid in instalments.

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Infrastructure of the Palencia CF International Football Academy

Palencia Football Academy Base

  • Training base – the club has 6 training fields with natural and artificial grass, of which 4 fields are full size for 11 vs 11 football and 2 fields for 7 vs 7 football.
  • Rehabilitation Center – the Academy has a modern center for the treatment and recovery of football players, including a room for physical therapy and rehabilitation after injuries. Specialized physiotherapists. The Academy employs specialists in player recovery.
  • Fitness Center – a wide range of modern simulators is used, which has become an ideal addition to the balanced physical training of players.
  • Boarding school (residence) of the Academy– the residence is located in the city center, a few minutes from the school and is equipped with everything necessary for the players to stay. Cozy 2-person rooms to accommodate young players from different cities and countries, as well as a lounge and dining room offering a special sports menu. Rooms with TV for rest and recreation. Laundry services. Significant improvements have been made during the recent renovation, and Academy players feel even more comfortable now, despite being distant from their families and friends.
  • Nutrition – one of the foundations for the development of a young footballer player. The kitchen staff has extensive experience in providing our players with a healthy menu. The Palencia Football Academy nutrition program is based on the latest scientific developments and aims to form and normalize healthy eating habits that benefit our athletes.

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